Cider Security

Meet us at RSAC 2022

Continuous DevOps requires continuous security.

Come and see how Cider accelerates AppSec programs and optimizes CI/CD security by seamlessly integrating tailored security controls and measures all the way from code to deployment. 

Book a time slot that works for you to meet our team. 

Let’s discuss your CI/CD security needs and how we can assist you in building a security solution for your Engineering ecosystem.



Join us for a cocktail

Join us on for an evening of mingling, cocktails, food and insightful discussions with Cider’s founders, team and leading cybersecurity experts. 

The event will take place on Wednesday, June 8th from 8-11pm at Sens restaurant, San Francisco.

** Seats are limited. confirmation will be sent upon availability.


Let's talk AppSec.

Michael Coates, CISO @Coinlist and former CISO @Twitter, will join us and share his perspective on the “Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks" and his involvement with the project.